ana.words, tv turn off week

ana.words, tv turn off week
26. April 2005 mahal
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Das kanadische Adbusters-Magazin und 
das Culture Jammers Network rufen jedes 
Jahr die TV-Turnoff-Week aus, heuer vom 
25. April bis 1. Mai. Auch wenn wir 
hier nicht so heftig verpestet sind mit 
TVs, könnte das angebotene Tool von 
Interesse sein:

One Button universelle Fernbedienung ­ nur zum Ausschalten. US$10.
Für alle Marken. Durch die Stadt laufen
und alles ausschalten!

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Time to fight back. For TV-Turnoff 2005 -- April 25 to May 1 --
we've teamed up with the good folks at TV-B-Gone, makers of a
pint-size remote control that shuts off any television,
anywhere. You're in an airport, classroom, bank or bar and want
to silence the idiot box? No problemo.

In a few weeks, JammerGroups all over the world will start
reclaiming public space with this ingenious device. Organize,
share ideas, and get your TV-B-Gone at cost (for $10 plus
shipping) at: <> And join your city
JammerGroup here:

THE NEW BOYCOTT Imagine a new lifestyle game -- we play by
spreading uncooling memes among our friends, getting them to
ditch or switch brands. Can we get a few million people to live
lives of playful resistance? Share your thoughts at the forum:

ANTIPRENEUR A new breed of Jammers is marrying social activism
with entrepreneurial zeal. Their grassroots capitalism is
producing some amazing out-of-the-Lefty-box ideas. Check out
this budding antipreneurial movement:

Get his from a friend? Want to join the Culture Jammers Network? Visit:

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