ana.words, fuck the postman

ana.words, fuck the postman
16. November 2000 michael
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A postman was surprised one morning on his rounds when the
lady of the house invited him in. She served him a delicious
breakfast, and then invited him into the bedroom. He was
puzzled, but went along out of curiosity.

She asked if he wanted to go to bed with her, and so he did
that too. But when he realized it was time to finish his
rounds, he had to leave. The housewife insisted on giving
him a dollar before he could go. This was too much for the
poor man, and he asked her: "Lady, what is going on? First
you feed me a delicious breakfast, and as if that wasn't
enough, you invite me to make love to you and we have a
terrific time together. And now you want to pay me?! What IS
this, anyway?" So she explained proudly:

"Well, you know Christmas is coming, and I told my husband I
wanted to do something nice for the postman, who is so
faithful about delivering our mail all year. My husband
said, 'Fuck the postman! Give him a dollar!'... But the
breakfast was my idea!"

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