ana.words, 13. courtney killed kurt

ana.words, 13. courtney killed kurt
21. April 2005 mahal
In paul mccarthney ist tot
vielleicht war's bei paul ähnlich...

zehn beweise, dass kurt cobain von 
seiner vrau courtney umgebracht wurde.
diesmal nicht als serie sondern in 
einem einzigen mail.

1. there was not a single finger print on the gun. gee i
wonder why. it was wiped that's why. if kurt had used that
gun to kill himself, his finger print(s) would have to be on
there somewhere, but they weren't. go figure that out.

2. the autopsy report concludes that the level of heroin in
kurt's blood was severely high, and that he would have been
incapacitated, meaning that there was no way in hell he
would have been able to pick up a gun, and pull the trigger.
he would have been unconscious immediately, so him picking
up a gun is out of the question. got an answer for that ?

3. wounds on kurt's body indicated some kind of struggle
before his death. the puncture marks left by the needle used
to inject heroin were deep and messy, indicating that the
needle had been stabbed into him by another person. and your
explanation is ?

4. the only lines on the wrongly tittled suicide note that
indicated suicide were the last 4 lines. handwritting
experts have concluded that those 4 lines where not written
by kurt. they were written by someone else. the killer,
trying to give the murder the illusion of suicide. hmmmm,
how interesting.

5. courtney had motive to kill kurt. he was in the process
of writing her out of his will, and denying her all of his
$35 million, which he was leaving in it's entirety to his
daughter frances bean. this was witnessed by the nanny.
courtney lives for money so her having $35 million less,
absolutely gives her an intent to kill. you know i'm right.

6. friends and witnesses said that their marriage was over.
courtney was having an affair with even dando of the lemon
heads, and there are pictures to prove it, so kurt was
planning on a divorce. courtney retaliated with cruel
intentions, saying that she wanted "the meanest nastiest
divorce lawyer there was." so from the beginning she was
nasty and wished harm on kurt. i wouldn't put it past her to
go and kill him for revenge. suicide theory isn't sounding
so good now is it ?

7. courtney had hired a hit man named el duce to kill kurt.
she offered him $50,000, and he backed out. when he started
to talk about it, suddenly someone gets him tanked, parks
his car on the train tracks, then he's taking an eternal
nap. and lets not forget about the lie detector test that
revealed that courtney had indeed offered money to el duce
to kill kurt. a bit suspicious don't you think ?

8. the reports indicate that kurt used a stool to block the
door, but the door had no access from the outside anyways.
so the police report was inaccurate. if the police are even
lying, something must be going on here. dam right.

9. the gun which kurt had was loaded with 3 bullets. if he
wanted to kill himself, one would have been adequate. he had
3 bullets in the gun because he was trying to protect
himself. he was up there using it as a watchtower because he
had said days before his death, "i fear for my life." he
wanted to protect his life, not end it. are you seeing it
yet ?

10. courtney was good buddies with the coroner who
pronounced kurt's death immediately (and deliberately
incorrectly) as a suicide. courtney and the coroner use to
party together. yeah i bet there was quite a party in
courtney's bed, and by partying in his pants, she cohearsed
him to lie. it's more than likely.

11. someone tried to use kurt's credit card after he had
been dead. how did they access it ? gee maybe the killer
used it when they took it out of his walet after they
finished killing poor kurt. murdering really takes alot of
out you, they probably got hungry and went to tacobell and
tried to use poor kurt's card. well, you have any beter
ideas ?

12. everyone says, "kurt was depressed, face it, he
commmitted suicide." guess what i say to that ? bullshit.
kurt always talked about the future, and people who are
suidical don't do that. just weeks before his death, kurt
gave his new phone number to micheal azeraad and told him to
call him so that he could help write the "screaming life"
book. if kurt was planning on killing himself, then why the
hell did he make those plans with micheal azeraad ? because
he was planning on being alive. he wanted to help with the
book but he couldn't because his life was snuffed out by
courtney the cruel bitch. if kurt was suicidal then why did
he say he was going to outlive everyone and be 120 ? why did
he talk so enthusiastically about having grandkids ? why did
he say that in 10 years he was gonna have to get a real job
? because kurt was planning on being alive. people who are
suicidal don't make plans for the future because they have
no future. so the fact that kurt talked so much about the
future proves that he was not suicidal as some uneducated
morons will have you believe. kurt said in december of 1993,
"with every month now that goes by, i'm becoming more
optimistic about how i can resolve situations in my life."
suicidal people don't say things like that. it's so obvious
that kurt wasn't suicidal. he was planning on divorcing
courtney and turning over a new leaf. he didn't want to end
his life, he wanted to start a new life without courtney in

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