mahalwords, sind sie nicht joeoeoe? die kidz?

mahalwords, sind sie nicht joeoeoe? die kidz?
21. April 1997 michael
In mahalwords
Did you hear about little Jimmy? He is four years old.

He was bugging Mother so she said, "Jimmy, why don't you go across the
street and watch the builders work. Maybe you'll learn something."

Jimmy was gone about 2 hours. When he came home his Mother asked him what
he learned.

Jimmy replied, "Well, first you put the God damn door up, then the son of a
bitch doesn't fit, so you have to take the shit
head back down. Then you have to take a hair off each side and put the
Mother fucker back up."

Jimmy's Mother said, "you wait til your Dad comes home." When Jimmy's dad
got home, mom told him to ask Jimmy what he learned across the street.
Jimmy told his dad the whole story. Dad said, "Jimmy, you go outside and
get the whip."

Jimmy replied, "Fuck you, that's the Electrician's job."




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