mahalwords, flying elephants

mahalwords, flying elephants
4. Juni 1997 michael
In mahalwords 

       The Flying Elephants Conspiracy 

       The United States' Secret Project To Breed Flying Elephants 

       Project Beginnings 

Project Dumbo was the brainchild of a Carter Administration official. He 
heard news of an exciting new
technology that could combine the DNA of two animals to form a new 
animal. This official decided to start
a new project called Project DNA. All of the first attempts were from 
1977 to 1980 and all were
unsuccessful. In April of 1981 a breakthrough occurred. A half bird, half 
lizard was born and lived for two
weeks. The scientists, now with their new found optimism, wondered what 
they could create next. They
decided what they were needed was something that could fly and carry a 
major amount of goods. They then
set out to combine the DNA of elephants and the DNA of bats to make a new 
species of flying elephants.
They called it Project Dumbo. 

       Early Testing 

The first successful elephants with wings came in 1983. This elephants 
lived for two years, during which
many more elephants were born. The team of scientists working on Project 
Dumbo named the first elephant
Skippy. Skippy died in 1985 while it was being trained to fly. Because 
this was the first elephant they tried
to train to fly, the scientists were working by trial and error. Skippy, 
along with the other elephants, was
being trained to fly in southwestern Nevada. Do to the sensitive ears of 
the elephants ears (remember that it
is genetically combined with a bat) Skippy freaked and crashed when one 
of the trainers blew a whistle. The
elephants haven't exactly been easy to train. Many elephants died when 
they came down too fast and
crashed. Even two scientists died when an elephants crashed into the 
research building they were working
in. Unfortunatly, many elephants had to be killed when they did not 
respond to commands and flew beyond
their training zone and had to be shot down so that any civillians did 
not see them. 

       Current Situation 

Currently the U.S. Government is debating wheather or not the project 
should continue. While the animals
have provided useful applications, their upkeep is too much to handle. 
Studies are underway and all uses of
the elephants are on hold. 

       Questions and Answers 

Please send in questions, I will be happy to answer them. 

Elephant feces is quite large, wouldn't this large mess be a danger when 
falling from the sky? 
       The elephants are genetically altered so that the feces is 
smaller. Also they have been trained to only 'go to
       the bathroom' at certain times, which is usually when they are on 
the ground. 

Have many people been killed as a result of an elephant crashing? 
       Yes, besides the two scientists that died when an elephant crashed 
into the research building, an elephant
       crashed into a building while delivering food in the former 
Yugoslavia and killed twelve people and the
       elephant also died. 

Can the elephants breed? 
       No, they are genetically altered not to. 

How do the elephants live together? Do they get along well? 
       The elephants get along fine and live as they would in the wild. 



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