mahalwords, das zu tun in gruppen vor dem www

mahalwords, das zu tun in gruppen vor dem www
4. April 1997 michael
In mahalwords

here we go in playing the

Web Surfing Party Game

 by Noslrac Yerffej 

  With the recent rise of "Geek culture," the long-held
  misperception that computer users are solitary, electronic slaves
  is slowly receding like a ten percent drop shadow. Geeks have
  asserted for years that they can party as hard as any
  testosterone-filled football player. To prove it, we present the
  TidBITS Web Surfing Party Game (TBWSPG, pronounced "Fred").

  Fred is best experienced in a group setting (say, a rack of office
  cubicles at lunchtime), but you can also play at home alone or
  networked, of course. To play, choose your favorite drink, connect
  to your ISP, and start surfing the Web. Remember to be
  responsible, and hand over the mouse when you've drunk too much.

**Drink once if:**

* your modem has to redial when connecting to your ISP (if more
  than five times, stop drinking and cancel that darn AOL account
* you see a "Best Viewed With..." tag (twice if it's animated)
* you get any error message (bad URL, etc.)
* you see an under construction sign
* you view a page with a Web counter (twice if it's a broken
* you view a blink tag (not necessary to drink for every blink)
* you come across a Java applet (twice if it doesn't load)
* you see the phrase "cool links"
* a background sound loads (you also must dance with drink in
* your browser crashes
* you have to resize the browser window
* a graphic doesn't load

**Drink twice if:**

* you hit a JavaScript error
* you arrive at a password-protected site (if you can guess the
  password in three tries, collect a dollar from everyone in the
  room and chug drink)
* you find a home page purportedly belonging to someone's pet.
* "cool" is spelled "kewl"
* you have to download a plug-in and restart your browser
* the graphics are broken on a Web designer's home pages


* If you hit a Shockwave project, you have to wait to drink until
  it's downloaded. (This is a good chance to walk to the store for
  more drinks, render 3D images, or write a new operating system.)



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