mahalwords, anarchie? diana jokes?

mahalwords, anarchie? diana jokes?
23. Dezember 1997 michael
In mahalwords
the diana jokes:

what do you give the princess who has everything?
a seatbelt and an airbag.

what's the difference between elton john and princess diana?
one's compsing, the other is decomposing.

did you hear that princess di was on the radio a couple of weeks ago?
yep, and on the dashboard, and on the window, and on the hood...

what does princess di turn into at midnigth?
the wall.

how did they know that the driver had dandruff?
the found his head and shoulders in the glove box.

what does a bee have in common with a mercedes?
the both make royal jelly.

what did the queen mother give fergie for her birthday?
a black mercedes and a trip to paris.

what's the difference between mother teresa and diana?
5 days.

did you see the wall di drove into?
neither did she.

did you hear they are going to make a movie about her?
it's going to be called  or 

what does d.i.a.n.a stand for?
died in a nasty accident.

what does d.o.d.i stand for?
died opposite di.

dodi said di and she did.

why did elton john take his boyfriend to the funeral?
so at least one old queen would be seen to cry in public.

what was the last thing to go through diana's mind?
the dashboard.

what was princess diana's last words to the paparazzi?

what was the last thing that diana kissed?
the radiator.

did you hear about the new pink floyd album?

what the title of the new princess diana movie they are making?
one wedding and a funeral.

did you hear tha princess diana was suffering from p.m.s.?
pulverized mercedes syndrome.

elton john is writing a tribute for mother teresa.
he's calling it .

what's the difference between lady di and the eastern germans?
the eastern germans survived the wall.

what happens when you french kiss a fairy tale princess?
the frog turns into a wall and croaks.

what's the difference between a mercedes and princess diana?
a mercedes will easily reach 40.

waht did the corones say when the body bags arrived?

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