ana.words, mehr joe dallesandro!

ana.words, mehr joe dallesandro!
17. August 2004 mahal
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joe dallesandro zum zweiten:

denjenigen den ich als naechstes sehen will, 
ist: je t'aime moi non plus von 
serge gainsbourg.

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus (1975)

Joe's favorite film of his own work, this is a cult
classic waiting to be discovered. A rich, tightly
directed, sexy and very wild little film, it tells
the story of a gay garbageman (Joe) in the American
Southwest who falls in love with a girl (the
incredible Jane Birkin) because she looks like a boy
from behind. They spend the film trying to consummate
their relationship. Filled with poetic touches using
color, space, framing, dialogue and action, it's easy
to see why Joe loves the film so much, though it will
initially be disconcerting for fans to hear him
dubbed into French (with English subtitles).
Available for purchase on video through specialty
video vendors and in France on DVD from Wild Side
und daraus entstand wahrscheinlich
die truckfahrerin in brazil.

wer laedt mich zu einem filmabend ein?
burschikose dame bevorzugt ;-)


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