ana.words, 101 uses for sex

ana.words, 101 uses for sex
13. September 1999 michael
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 1.Sex as a sedative. It helps you go to sleep. 
 2.Sex to fight addictions. It helped me quit smoking 
 3.Sex as a laxative. Regular sex helps you have regular shits. 
 4.Sex to get to know somebody. You can tell a lot about a person by
  fucking them. 
 5.Sex as a meditation. 
 6.Sex to relive boredom. 
 7.Sex to improve concentration. 
 8.Sex to make money. 
 9.Sex to create magic. Some witches believe that that the most powerful
  time to cast a spell is during orgasm. 
10.Sex for manipulation. It can get you what you want. 
11.Sex as a reward. Either to yourself or to someone else. 
12.Sex for relaxation. 
13.Sex for rejuvenation. It keeps you looking and feeling younger. 
14.Sex to increase energy. A great pick-me-up. 
15.Sex to cure an asthma attack. I saved a man's life once. 
16.Sex to make you laugh. It can be hilarious. 
17.Sex as a gift. A present for birthdays, anniversaries, Bar
18.Sex to get high. 
19.Sex to achieve an altered state. 
20.Sex to create life. 
21.Sex for waking up. Helps get rid of that groggy feeling. 
22.Sex to cure back pain. 
23.Sex to keep warm in the winter. 
24.Sex as a pain killer. It's far more potent than aspirin, and most
   prescription pain killers. 
25.Sex as an anti-depressant. It will cheer you up. 
26.Sex for stress reduction. 
27.Sex as a spiritual exercise. 
28.Sex for exercise. It's aerobic and burns calories. 
29.Sex for thrills and adventure. 
30.Sex to relive headaches. Even migraines. 
31.Sex as a cure for writer's block. 
32.Sex as a good deed. Give the needy an occasional mercy fuck. 
33.Sex as an art form. It can be very creative and a great way to
   express oneself. 
34.Sex to control appetite. It can be so filling. 
35.Sex for cardiovascular health. 
36.Sex to create intimacy. 
37.Sex as an expression of love. 
38.Sex for itching mosquito bites. Apply your own sperm to affected
39.Sex for barter. Trade it for all kinds of things. 
40.Sex to get in touch with emotions, like sadness. 
41.Sex to avoid working. I can always finish this some other time.

by Annie Sprinkle
as seen in XXXOOO

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