mahalwords, win95 vs pocket calculator

mahalwords, win95 vs pocket calculator
10. August 1997 michael
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Allan 'Norm' Crain, 

I was just out with my girlfriend and a guitar-playing friend of ours on 
a little shopping expidition (I needed to buy a keyboard for one of my 
Sun SPARCstations). We stopped to have lunch, to buy a keyboard, and to 
buy a little Russian box to add distortion to Scott's guitar.

1) Fuddruckers, for lunch. Normal cash register with a rather nice laser 
output. My girlfriend commented on the fact that the cash register 
probably had more processing power than ENIAC. 

[Aside from Digital Guy: Oooo, Fuddruckers! They still have those GREAT 
hambergers? :)]

2) The guitar store. The clerks added up the price and tax and cash 
discount on a pocket calculator, then put the money in the cash register 
which printed out a reciept. 

3) The computer store for the nice Type 4 Sun keyboard and Mouse. Their 
cash register was connected to a PC running Windows 95. First, the 
reciept wouldn't print. Then some warnings about the printer popped up on 
the screen. He tried again. Still no dice. He eventually had to run off 
to the back office to print it on another machine. It took at least 8 

Now, this is not a bunch of computer neophytes. This is a company that 
sells and builds computers. And the clerk who rang up my purchase had 
been working there for at least a few weeks (I saw him last time I was 
there... Buying one of two non-PCs that they were selling. The 
SPARCstation ELC that I was getting the keyboard for. Of course, they had 
no Macs. Would probably scoff at the offer to buy one).

So, a pocket calculator in the hands of a guitar player beat out a 
Windows 95 PC in the hands of a computer professional.

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