mahalwords, Experts say Internet is creating a sexual revolution

mahalwords, Experts say Internet is creating a sexual revolution
6. November 1997 michael
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Sex tops Net research topics 
By Reuters
August 19, 1997, 5:15 a.m. PT 
CHICAGO--What is the most searched-for topic
on the Internet? 

Surprise: Sex. The quest for it is driving the Net's 
technological advances, researchers said 

"This is going to be the next sexual revolution. It's
going to affect sex in a profound way," said Al Cooper, 
clinical director of the San Jose Marital and Sexual 
Center in California. 

Questions being asked range from whether voyeurism 
in cyberspace constitutes infidelity to whether meeting
someone electronically before visually might lead to
better long-term relationships, he said. 

Ray Noonan, a sexual researcher from New York 
University, said, "The Internet is probably one of the most
profound changes in world society history, with greater 
impact than the Gutenberg press and broadcast media. 

"Sex drives the technology of the Internet and the World 
Wide Web," he added. 

The two researchers and others spoke during a panel 
discussion on the topic during the annual meeting of the
American Psychological Association. 

Cooper said sex was the most searched-for topic on the 
Internet, even though the number of sites or user groups
devoted to it represent a relatively small percentage of 
the masses of information available in cyberspace. 

Adult entertainment and sexually explicit material are the 
"No. 1 income generator on the Internet," he said, adding
that he believed they would drive telephone sex services 
out of business in a few years. 

The phenomenon will impact human sexuality by offering
information, education, the chance of a "first step" for the
otherwise timid and the possibility of linking those with
similar sexual orientations and tastes. 

"There is also a potential for better long-term relationships," 
Cooper said, if people get to know each other before
physical attraction occurs. 


Story Copyright (c) 1997 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. 


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