ana.words, the end of privacy

ana.words, the end of privacy
3. Oktober 2008 tbz
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technology has led to a generational divide. on one side are
high school and college students whose lives virtually
revolve around social-networking sites and blogs. on the
other side are their parents, for whom recollection of the
past often remains locked in fading memories or, at best, in
books, photographs and videos. for the current generation,
the past is preserved on the internet, potentially forever.
and this change raises the question of how much privacy
people can expect?or even desire?in an age of ubiquitous


before the internet, gossip would spread by word of mouth
and remain within the boundaries of that social circle.
private details would be confined to diaries and kept locked
in a desk drawer. social networking spawned by the internet
allows communities worldwide to revert to the close-knit
culture of preindustrial society, in which nearly every
member of a tribe or a farming hamlet knew everything about
the neighbors. except that now the ?villagers? span the

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