ana.words, like the romans

ana.words, like the romans
8. März 2002 tbz
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cecilia, the youngest, only thirteen, had gone first, slitting her wrists like a stoic while taking a bath, and when they found her, afloat in her pink pool, with the yellow eyes of someone possessed and her small body giving the odor of a mature woman, the paramedics had been so frightened by her tranquility taht they had stood mesmerized. but then mrs. lisbon lunged in , screaming, an the reality of the room reasserted itself: blood on the bath mat; mr. lisbon's razor sunk in the toilet bowl, marbling the water. the paramedics fetched cecilia out of the warm water because it quickened the bleeding, and put a tourniquet on her arm.her wet hair hung down her back and already her extremeties were blue. she didn't say a word, but when they partened her hands they found the laminated picture of the virgin mary she held against her chest.

jeffrey eugenides, the virgin suicides
dedicated to m.

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