ana.words, i like being bored

ana.words, i like being bored
17. Juni 2009 tbz
In Allgemein
zum spamgedicht von gestern gab's post
die tbz postet
- sie dankt -
und nicht kommentiert:

hallo tbz 
schau mal, welches richtige gedicht mich im moment ? 
seit einer partnerschaftseintragungszeremonie am letzten sonntag ? 

Being Boring - by Wendy Cope

If you ask me 'What's new?', 
I have nothing to say 
Except that the garden is growing. 
I had a slight cold but it's better today. 
I'm content with the way things are going. 
Yes, he is the same as he usually is, 
Still eating and sleeping and snoring. 
I get on with my work. 
He gets on with his. 
I know this is all very boring. 
There was drama enough in my turbulent past: 
Tears and passion-I've used up a tankful. 
No news is good news, and long may it last, 
If nothing much happens, I'm thankful. 
A happier cabbage you never did see, 
My vegetable spirits are soaring. 
If you're after excitement, steer well clear of me. 
I want to go on being boring. 
I don't go to parties. 
Well, what are they for, 
If you don't need to find a new lover? 
You drink and you listen and drink a bit more 
And you take the next day to recover. 
Someone to stay home with was all my desire 
And, now that I've found a safe mooring, 
I've just one ambition in life: 
I aspire To go on and on being boring.  

Grüsse aus Bern

und tbz fragt die praktikantin:
was ist aus "deinem" mittwoch geworden?

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