ana.words, helium, sperma

ana.words, helium, sperma
14. Mai 1999 michael
In Allgemein
"Ihnen hat man wohl Helium ins Hirn geblasen, dass 
Sie ueberhaupt aufrecht gehen koennen?" 
(Physik, TU-Chemnitz) 

During a lecture in biology, the professor told the students
that human sperm contet glucose. A young female student
raised her arm and asked: "If i got this right, there is
about as much glucose in sperm as there is in sugar?"
"Totally right", said the professor. "Why doesn't it taste
as sweet, then?", asked the  student. After a short moment
of silence, the whole aula started laughing loudly. When the
student realised what she said, she picked up her books and 
walked away. Before she reached the exit, the professor gave
an answer, which is classical nowadays: "It doesn't taste as
sweet as sugar because the sweet taste-buds sit at the tip
of the tongue and not in the throat". The student was never
seen again ever since.
(University of Midsweden)

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