ana.words, goes up with three and comes down with four

ana.words, goes up with three and comes down with four
28. August 1999 michael
In Allgemein
a programmer and an engineer were sitting next to each other
on an airplane. the programmer leans over to the engineer and
asks if he wants to play a fun game. the engineer just wants
to sleep so he politely declines, turns away and tries to
sleep. the programmer persits and explains that it's a real
easy game. he explains,  again the engineer politely
declines and tries to sleep.

the programmer, now somewhat agitated, says,  now, that got the engineer's
attention, so he agrees to the game. the programmer asks the
first question  then engineer doesn't say a word and just hands the
programmer $5.

now, it's the engineer's turn. he asks the programmer,  the
programmer looks at him with a puzzled look, takes out his
laptop computer, looks through all his references and after
about an hour wakes the engineer and hands the engineer $50.
the engineer politely takes the $50, turns away and tries to
return to sleep.

the programmer, a little miffed, asks,  without a word, the engineer
reaches into his wallet, hands $5 to the programmer, turns
away and returns to sleep.

submitted by dasm

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